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Peanut/Groundnut Kernels(Long,round, red-skin type)

Product Name: Peanut/Groundnut Kernels(Long,round, red-skin type)
Product Origin: China
Detailed Product Description:

Product name:

Peanut/Groundnut Kernels


1) Long type: 24/28,28/32,34/38,38/42,45/55

2) Round type: 25/35,35/40,40/50,50/60,70/80

3) Red skin: 40/50,50/60,60/70,70/80,80/100


Moisture: 8% Max

Admixture: 0.5%Max

Imperfect: 4% Max

Aflatoxin: B1+B1+G1+G2<=4% PPB Max B1<=2PPB


Keep dry


Packed in PP woven bag, gunny bag, or according to the customers’ requirement.

Payment terms

T/T with 30-40% deposit or D/P

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