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【 Sell 】Peanut snacks---Squid coated peanuts
Offer type: Sell
Offer post time: 2019-10-23
Offer expiry date: 10 days
Detailed Product Description:


Product name: Snacks------- Squid taste coated peanuts

ingredient: peanuts , squid, flour.

Other coated peanuts we have:

1)Japanes crackers mix

2)Seaweed peanuts crackers

3)Mint and strawberry flavor roasted peanuts

4)Wasabi flavor coated broad beans

5) Spicy flavor coated peanuts crackers

6) Cajun flavor coated peanuts balls

7)Roasted mixed nuts

8)Seaweed flavor coated peanuts

9)Salted fried Canada Marrow fat green peas

10)Mixed soy sauce flavor coated peanuts

Different flavours coated peanuts

Unique,flavorful,tasty peanut snack and been sold around the world and certificated by HACCP,KOSHER,ISO.BRC.

Ingredients: Peanuts, modified corn starch,wheat flour,corn starch,sugar, sesame, soy sauce,salt, seaweed, natural colors.

Taste and flavor: Mexico flavor,Russia flavor,Japanese flavor,Washabi,Squid,Spicy,and many others.

Inner packing:Aluminum foil bags, Bags, Tins Outer packing: Carton



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